The Traveling Afghan 2021 – Labyrinth


Traveling Afghan 2021


The Traveling Afghan is back, and it’s just as story-telling as last year’s, but this time, the squares are even bigger. Twice the size, to be exact. I was so excited when Arica reached out to me to participate in such an inclusive and meaningful collaborative project for the second year in a row! Like last year, there are two versions, the crochet, and knit versions, which are made up of talented and hard-working makers. Each square tells a story.



The Traveling Afghan 2020 – #23


Traveling Afghan


The Traveling Afghan is by far the biggest collaborative project I’ve ever been a part of, and I’m so thankful for it. One of the things we talk about in the maker’s community is unity and community over competition. Well, this project definitely brings many, if not most, makers together. Not just those who were a part of the actual project, but including those who can knit and crochet along as this ever-growing afghan travels across the world. But if you ask me, this project took on a deeper and even more meaningful sense when 2020 came around. I’m thankful for it. (more…)

A Lion Brand X Loop Collaboration


Mountain Armor


The Mountain Armor is a modern take on a classic design. This knit design is based on a dickie concept. One of my favorite things is to refine or put a spin on something vintage, classic, or nostalgic, and see how it conforms to today’s times. Dickie’s were an odd piece of fashion back in the day for men. A false shirt front. The cables here help keep some of the masculinity. The length helps keep the tradition of a standard scarf. The versatility comes in with the neck portion being a cowl. A variety of simple stitches helps keeps this knit piece fun and interesting. There is no back to this design. It is worn as an accessory over garments. (more…)