Crochet Pattern: Accordion Cowl

Battle the bone-chilling days.


The Accordion Cowl is a fun and versatile accessory. This chunky handmade cowl is crochet designed and doubles as a hooded style cowl. Not by wrapping, but simply pulling it over your head. The drape and the way it crunches resembles an accordion. Hense the name. The Peruvian Highland Wool is very soft and durable. Sure to keep you warm during those bone-chilling days. (more…)

Crochet Pattern: Moss Warmers

If the glove fits…

Moss Warmers are essential to your Fall wardrobe. Made of soft super premium highland wool. The bulky kind to assure warmth. It has a nice texture stitch. Made of yummy pastel and saturated color choices. Excellent gift for the typist, texter, and writer. I know I like to keep my hands warm, but my fingers free to easily interact with things. The taking off and putting back on annoys me. (more…)